Monday, January 24, 2011

I don't like to make resolutions...

Especially not on New Year's Day.  It takes me the better part of the month of January just to come off my Christmas-Cookie induced sugar coma, much less get my house in order, gym membership updated, and make any real plans for the future.

That being said, I've come up with a resolution I think I can stick to.  I think.  At least, there will be sticky results on occasion.  Bear with me, this will make sense, I promise.

I am an internet foodie, a canning blog addict, crazy for all things crafty that I can accomplish in or out of my kitchen. This isn't new information for people who know me IRL, I'm constantly in a state of flux between knitting projects, quilts that I swear I'll some day finish, and releasing anxiety through baked goods (too the detriment of my ever expanding waistline.)  And while all this manic activity in my house is well and good, I don't feel that I accomplish much with it (other that the aforementioned excess weight that I RESOLVE to lose every year, and then decide come March that I'll just buy bigger pants.)

Hence the blog.

I eat.  I eat a LOT.  Not all in one sitting, contrary to my pants size, but many times throughout the day I'm consuming some form of sustenance or another.  I'm a grazer, and I like to graze on tasty nibbles rather than garbage.  Not gonna lie, I go through drive-thru lines far more frequently than I should, but not nearly as often as I did in college, thank goodness.  I prefer the taste of my own cooking, and have discovered over the years that so do a lot of my friends.  At least, that's what they lead me to believe, whether or not I cook as well as I think, that's kind of the point of this.

Friends and coworkers ask me for recipes all the time, recipes for "the sauce" (which I probably won't post out of respect for my grandfather, R.I.P) recipes for various baked goods, recipes for preserves and above all, the salsa recipe.  The problem is I never write any of this stuff down!  I don't record most of what I'm doing, and I tweak as I go along.  So I've come up with a resolution I can actually stick to, recording some of my culinary adventures here for my friends and fellow foodies to follow.  Maybe I can finally figure out just how much cilantro I use in that salsa recipe instead of saying, "oh, you know, about two fist fulls, maybe a little more?"

We shall see.

First up on my menu, chicken soup.  And since the husband bought me a brand new pressure cooker for Christmas this year (yay!) I'll be canning some as well.  But more on that in the next post.

Keep eating!

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